Toronto Hypnotist  Adolfo B                    Gut-Wrenching Laughter !!!
Your Guests Are The STARS of the Show!

"The thing that makes this show so great is that it's your own guests who are being so incredibly funny.  Everyone knows the people up on stage personally so everyone in the audience will be truly shocked and amazed when they go into hypnosis and begin to act out hilarious comedy routines as directed by Comedy Hypnotist Adolfo B.  Comedy Hypnosis Show is like having a dozen comedians up on stage at once!"  See your guests forget their own names, communicate in  'Martian' and 'Venutian' to each other, and try to sit down while believing they've "lost their butts"! Hear gut-wrenching laughter fill the room. Feel proud that you made the perfect entertainment choice by booking Toronto Hypnotist Adolfo B as your evening's entertainment. This is an unforgettable experience. NEW - Book Adolfo B. and other great party services directly at

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